IMG_8293Trauma doesn’t always impact a person immediately. I often meet with adults seeking help for a traumatic event that happened during childhood. Whether you have experienced a trauma yourself or you have been affected by an event that happened to someone else, you may notice feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression, confusion, anger and other emotions that can begin to interfere with how you function in your day to day activities. I provide a safe environment that offers support and exploration of those feelings and can help you build on the tools you have so you can begin to regain a sense of connection and clarity.

For individuals involved with abusive partners, I understand the difficulty and danger involved in leaving someone who may be controlling or violent. I am aware that in many cases you may not want to leave, or cannot leave, your partner for various reasons. You may not be ready to step away from the relationship right now. We can work together to determine ways to help you feel safe.

Trauma can interfere in friendships, work, personal self-care, and affect how you think about yourself and the world you live in. It typically affects areas of safety, trust, self-esteem, intimacy, and your sense of control (both “over-control” and “lack of control”). If you’re someone who has experienced or witnessed any type of traumatic event, I’m the sort of therapist who can help you examine the effects of that event, find ways to reduce the suffering that accompanies those effects, and help you gain a sense of clarity, zest, motivation, worth, and connection. Contact me today for a free phone consultation and we talk about your questions and concerns.